8 Qualities of Lean Manager

Posted September 22nd, 2011 in Lean Manager and tagged , , , , by Vivek Naik

A Lean Manager is a person who has trained himself at lean thinking by practicing the principles of lean manufacturing. He has developed the right mindset which is essential for the developing and sustaining the lean initiatives of the company. The Lean Manager is the key for the Lean Management to evolve organically within the organization. Here is a list of Qualities that I think any Lean Manager should have:

  1. Lean Manager is a problem solver; he always tries to solve the problem in scientific way
  2. He does not like to sit at his desk but when the problem arises he goes the source (Gemba) and finds the root cause by asking questions
  3. A lean manager does not randomly use tools; he chooses the right tool for the means of solving a problem on gemba
  4. A lean manager always shows respect to all people
  5. A Lean manager is not a treat lean as a project, but as something to be practiced daily in search of perfection.
  6. Lean Manager is not afraid of failure, he treats each solution as an experiment to learn more and get one more step closer to the ideal state
  7. Lean Manager always questions the status quo, he tries to rethink problems and learn by practicing
  8. Lean Manger uses Socratic Method to stimulate lean thinking in others

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What are your thoughts? can you add something to this list?



6 Responses so far.

  1. Bill Trudell says:

    I like this. Very good points.

  2. Raj says:

    Lean manager shall have the qualities of Systems-Thinking

  3. Corrado Pellecchia says:

    I would add to the first point “… collecting and analyzing facts and data on which decisions will be based.”

  4. Vivek Naik says:

    Thanks All for your comments and contribution, I will be adding some of the feedback provided by others through email and forums in a followup post.

  5. Lee says:

    A lean manager needs to be honest, trustworthy, and competent in lean.

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