Qualities of Lean Manager- Responses from the Community

Posted October 16th, 2011 in Lean Manager and tagged , , by Vivek Naik

Here are responses from people on various groups on linkedin which contributed thier thoughts about Qualities of the lean manager. I thought it would be great idea to have it all on one page for  readers benefit.

Jacob Zapolnik • Great outline of the first 8 Qualities of a Lean Manager. I would also add:

-Is always on the look out for learning opportunities
-Will involve the key stakeholders in discussing/creating change
-Acts as a teacher to cascade knowledge of lean methodologies

Tim Jones PMP • “An important one is to train and lead others to practice lean. To give credit to others and to encourage others in the practice of lean.”

Richard Starie • Don’t lay people off after you start to collect data. They will not participate if you do!

Sukri Karim • Lean Manager need to be pushy but respectful..being a change agent is not easy.

Kevin Yamada • A Lean Manager:
– Is continually learning about new and different approaches.
– Leads by example and is a teacher/coach.
– Is data driven.
– Sees the big picture and deals well with the details.
– Should work him/herself out of a job.

Comments on the post:

Raj •Lean manager shall have the qualities of Systems-Thinking

Corrado Pellecchia •I would add to the first point “… collecting and analyzing facts and data on which decisions will be based.”

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